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Мой город

Ссылка на русский вариант текста - Мой город.

I’d like to tell you about my native town. My native town is Ryazan. It lies on the Oka River, not far from Moscow. The population of our town is more than 500 000 people.

The primary name of our city is Pereyaslavl Ryazansky. It was founded in 1095. Many years ago the town of Ryazan was situated in 60 km from Pereyaslavl near Spassk. It was a very rich town famous all over the ancient Russia.

Now our native town is very beautiful. One can’t help admiring the sights of Ryazan. In the centre of Ryazan there is the Kremlin with the monuments of Old Russian architecture. It reflects the history of our town. The Kremlin makes a great impression on the visitors. The architectural ensemble of the Kremlin consists of 11 monuments of the past.

Ryazan is a town of machine industry, radio industry, chemical and electro industry.

Young people can get higher education in state institutes of our town. There are more than 70 secondary schools in Ryazan and a great number of vocational technical colleges.

Ryazan is famous for its Puppet Theatre, Drama theatre and a concert hall and a circus.

My native town is the home of many well-known people: writers, artists, composers, military leaders. We are proud of Pavlov, Michurin, Tsiolkovsky, Esenin, Polonsky, Golubkina, Novikov and many others. I like my native town very much.

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