Buckingham Palace

Букингемский дворец

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Buckingham Palace has been the London residence of British kings and queens since Queen Victoria came to the throne in 1837. Its 600 rooms and its grounds occupy the site of Buckingham House, built in 1703 by John Sheffield Duke of Buckingham. King George III bought the house in 1762.

The present palace – building work started in 1825 – was designed by John Nash who was commissioned by King George IV. The east or front wing of the palace, the part most familiar to the public today, was built in 1847 and refaced in Portland stone in 1913.

The State apartments are in the west wing of the palace are approached by the Grand Hall and Grand Staircase. The Ball-room, the largest of the apartments, was built for Queen Victoria in the 1850s. Nowadays it is used for state banquets.

The Picture Gallery and certain State Rooms at Buckingham Palace are open to the public in August and September each year. The Queen’s private apartments are in the north wing and on the opposite side is the Queen’s Gallery which since 1962 has been open to the public, showing works of art from the royal collection.

The palace gardens are used for the royal parties. The Royal Mews or stables, on the south of the palace grounds, house for the carriages, horses and royal cars are also open to the public each week.

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