Английский юмор

Английский юмор. О женщинах

Женщина на траве

A sign in the Bank Lobby reads: "Please note that this Bank is installing new "Drive-through" teller machines enabling customers to withdraw cash without leaving their vehicles.


Английский юмор. О браке


Jill and John got married. John thought this would be a "marriage of the 90's" - equal roles for equal partners. So, the first morning back from their honeymoon, he brought Jill breakfast in bed.


Английский юмор. О врачах


Patient: I'm in a hospital! Why am I in here?
Doctor: You've had an accident involving a bus.
Patient: What happened?


Английский юмор. О детях и родителях


In the Fire Station

Little Jimmy's preschool class went on a field trip to the fire station. The firefighter giving the presentation held up a smoke detector and asked the class: "Does anyone know what this is?"


Английский юмор. О работе

Куча работы

A police recruit was asked during the exam, "What would you do if you had to arrest your own mother?" He said, "Call for backup."