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Music is the universal language of the world with some meaning at least for the immense majority of people. It is the mirror of our lives and life problems. People can’t live without music.

It is everywhere at home, in a concert hall, in parks at the seaside and even in the forest. Nowadays it thunders out of every high-street shop, hotel, restaurant, public transport.

Music is an art, which reflects life, people’s ideas and emotions. There are different musical genres: symphony, concerto, opera, ballet and others.

Some music is difficult to understand, but other’s types are not very difficult. Some people have an idea of classical music as of complicated art it’s difficult to find the way into it.

As a result of changing times many young people today are gravitating towards new rhythms and new styles. Music is simple, cheerful and up-to-date now. While listening to such music you can dance or just talk to friends.

Music affects our bodies. Some music promotes loving feelings, other – hate. Susan Burghardt said that all music can be divided into 3 types. The 1st is low-energy music that makes you feel bad. The next category is high-energy music that makes you feel better and it can help to normalize heart rate. The 3d category is prayerful music that is the most healing of all. Music is being used in hospitals, and doctors have found that 20 min. of soothing music is often effective than sleeping pills.

Different people prefer different kinds of music. As for me I listen to different kinds, but most of all I prefer pop music.

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