Тема по английскому языку Hobby


Ссылка на русский вариант топика - Тема по английскому языку Хобби.

Different people have different hobbies. A hobby is something you very much like to do in you free time. It is something done for pleasure. Hobbies differ like tastes.

Hobbies are divided into four large classes: doing things, making things, collecting things and learning things. The most popular of all hobby groups is doing things. Almost everyone collects something at some period of his life, for example, stamps, coins, books, toys, etc. Some collections have no real value. Others become large and valuable.

As for me, I was always fond of collecting stamps. Collecting stamps is easy and interesting. It is real fun. It helped me to learn a lot about other countries and animal world. At first I collected every kind of stamps. But soon I began to make special collection. Birds are my theme. Now I have 137 stamps and more than 70 of them are birds.

I think no matter what kind of hobby a person has. It is important that he always has the opportunity of learning from it. Learning things can be the most exciting aspect of a hobby.

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