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Моя семья

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The family is the most important thing for each of us. I want to tell you about my family. My family is rather big. It consists of four persons. My sister is 6 years old now.

She goes to school. She is a nice girl. My father is an engineer. My mother is accountant. She likes her profession. She is hard-working woman. She is very good at cooking and she can turn her hands to anything. We try to help her with the housework. We live in a two-room flat.

We like to spend time together. In the evenings we watch TV, read books or talk about events of the day. On weekends we often go to the village. My grandparents live there. They are pensioners. During our freetime we like to go to museums, theatres and shops. My close relatives are my aunt, my cousins and my nephews. We spend much time together. When I am not busy I like cooking, reading and walking with my friends.

To my mind an ideal family is the family where you can find understanding, love and happiness. I have a good family and I’m happy.

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