Тема по английскому языку My friend

мой друг

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It is very important for a human being to have a friend. But true friends are not so easy to come by.

I have many friends, but my best friend is Olga. She is my cousin. She is 15 now.

Olga is a short slender girl. She has fair hair, bright blue eyes with long black eyelashes. Her eyebrows are thick. Her nose is turned-up. She has a small mouth with full lips. Her teeth are white, even. Olga is kind, well-mannered, cheerful and caring.

Olga lives with her parents. Her mother is an engineer, her father is an engineer too. They live in a three-room flat.

We spend a lot of time together. We talk for hours. We often walk around the centre of our city, visiting small cafes and museums.

Sometimes I quarrel with Olga but we try to make peace as soon as possible. Without her I would feel lonely and uncomfortable. Our friendship helps me to be sure of myself.

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