Самые употребляемые слова в английском языке


В разговорном английском языке чаще всего используются слова – I, you, the и a. Ниже приводятся списки наиболее часто употребляемых слов в письменном английском (по данным нескольких источников):

American Heritage Word Frequency Book (John B. Carroll) Книга Рекордов Гиннеса Frequency Analysis of English Vocabulary and Grammar Произведения Шекспира
the out get great the the the
of them through tell of of and
and then back men and and I
a she much say to to to
to many before small a a of
in some go every in in a
is so good found that that you
you these new still is is my
that would write between I was that
it other our name it it in
he into used should for for is
for has me Mr as he not
was more man home   as with
on her too big   with as
are two any give   be for
as like day air   on it
with him same line   I me
his see right set   his his
they time look own     be
at could think under     he
be no also read     8598 слов используются лишь единожды
this make around last      
from than another never      
I first came us      
have been come left      
or its work end      
by who three along      
one now word while      
had people must might      
not my because next      
but made does sound      
what over part below      
all did even saw      
were down place something      
when only well thought      
we way such both      
there find here few      
can use take those      
an may why always      
your water things        
which long help        
their little put        
said very years        
if after different        
do words away        
will called again        
each just off        
about where went        
how most old        
up know number        

Из таблицы мы видим, что к наиболее часто употребляемым словам относятся в основном артикли, предлоги, союзы, местоимения, наречия, служебные глаголы.

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