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Ссылка на русский вариант топика - Тема по английскому языку Моя будущая профессия.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.

There are over 2000 professions in the world so it is quite difficult to choose and make decision. There are few institutes in nearly every Russian city.

It is not difficult to have a higher education now. After school people can start a working career, go into business or continue schooling. Some follow their own choice and some follow their parent’s advice.

To my mind it is difficult to have a good job now, because you must know foreign languages, computer programmes, you must have a very good education. But school helps us. School teaches us many different subjects and other important things. It helps to discover our special talents. The out-of-class activities develop us, our tastes and our way of thinking.

What are the main reasons for choosing your future profession? First you must choose a profession that is interesting for you. An exciting job is an important component of happiness in life. Second, you must choose a profession which will produce a job. Third, you must consider the problem of earning a living.

As for me, I can’t make a final decision about my profession. But some years ago I wanted to be a teacher. Now I know that it is very difficult to be a teacher. You must know perfectly the subject you teach. I think that you must be attentive in work and life, clever, responsible and honest.

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