Тема School на английском языке

Урок в школе

Ссылка на русский вариант топика - Тема Школа на английском языке.

If I am not mistaken everybody knows that school teaches us many different things. It helps us to discover our special talents and to choose a career. The out-of-class activities develop us, our tastes and our way of thinking.

There are more than 70 schools in my town. They are very different. The number of my school is 22. It is not very old. About 900 pupils study here. My school is two-storeyed building. On the ground floor you can see four classrooms for junior pupils, two toilets, the library, the canteen, some classrooms for the seniors, etc. On the first floor you can see the gym, some classrooms for the seniors and one toilet. The workshop and the cloakroom are situated in the basement. There are two foreign languages in our school. They are English and German. I think to know languages is very important now. My favourite subjects are Russian, English and German.

We go to school six days a week. We wear a uniform at our school. Classes begin at eight o'clock. Each lesson is lasting forty minutes. We have a lot of homework.

We have four school holidays. They are: summer holidays, winter holidays, spring and autumn holidays.

There are many good teachers in our school. They help us to become clever and educated.

In my opinion, school is very important thing. I like my school very much.

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